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khtrolls This kind of troll is wheeled out on daytime TV and talk shows to be the “provocative voice of the not-politically correct”. So provocatively not-politically correct is she that she can enrage even the most mild mannered TV host with her hilarious* opinions.

No one knows if she is a hateful gobshite in real life, try or if it’s all a very lucrative act, but she is unlikely to come out in The Guardian any time soon, revealing that it was an elaborate trick, to fool us all, to show us up as troll bait.

She is a snob of the most petty kind, insults anyone *she* deems “common” (hahaha, oh, my dear….), and makes sweeping offensive judgements on air about people of whose lives she knows nothing.

Is she just a lucky idiot or a genuinely malevolent troll? I don’t think it really matters… we should just ignore her. Like all trolls.

*not hilarious.
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